Old Business and NEW Business!

Hiiii Friends!!! It’s time to finish up my Lauren Conrad week with a most frequent hairstyle choice that she goes for in her everyday routine. That’s it you guessed it… THE BALLERINA BUN!

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I learned how to do my ballerina bun simply by YouTube through The Beauty Department. 🙂

Watch this and be amazed by the simplicity of this hair style.

Thank you for reading this week about my beauty-fashion idol, Lauren Conrad! I hope to inspire people just like Lauren.

NEW BUSINESS: So I want to give you guys a sneak peek of my new series that is coming up…


I got together with the counter manager named Hollie Oliver at the Bobbi Brown counter in the Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, Mississippi. I wanted to know all about the Bobbi Brown line because I have never used their products. Many stars use their line of makeup, and the philosophy and story behind this company is unforgettable. This upcoming series will be all about Bobbi Brown makeup review and my experience of the Pretty Powerful Makeup Lesson that was given by Hollie herself. I ended up spending a few hours at the counter and had a great time, so look for my upcoming series coming shortly.

Let me know your thoughts or questions! Hope you guys are having a great weekend.




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