My Fashion-Beauty Idol

Hiiii friends!!!

This week is ALL about my fashion-beauty idol. If you guys are wondering where I sometimes gather my inspiration or style, this is the perfect way for YOU as my readers to get to know me a little better.  Then, I want to hear from my fellow readers (especially my beauty blogger friends) who you gather your inspiration from your everyday style.  Today, I will reveal my idol and why she inspires me. And then I will give a makeup tutorial post and a hair tutorial post sometime during the week.

My fashion-beauty idol is no other than the… Ms. Lauren Conrad.


Lauren Conrad also known, as LC was a part of a reality show in the early 2000s called Laguna Beach.  Then she moved to the Hills showing the beginning of her career and her personal life.  She is now a writer of the novels L.A. Candy Series and The Fame Game series AND has also written two MORE books all about Beauty and Style. Not only is she famous for T.V. and her novels, but she is also a fashion designer for her line called, Paper Crown. And don’t forget her line for Kohl’s. She has worked her way to the top for sure, and not to mention I am OBSESSED with her website

LC’s style is very classy and girly.  She wears lots of lace, pastels, stripes, and florals.  Most importantly, she likes to dress comfortably yet elegant. She inspires me to follow through with my career goals and to keep my style classy while I am at it.  Her makeup is very simple and not too overdone—more “old” Hollywood glam than anything.

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More to come this week about Lauren Conrad!

Who is your fashion-beauty idol?

Share with me! 🙂




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